Winter 2019 Weave-Along: Skip-A-Slot Placemats

Learn to weave a warp-emphasis fabric perfect for sturdy mats. Alternating a thick and think weft and skipping a slot at regular intervals gives this fabric a sophisticated look. There is lots of opportunity for color play!


Why This Loom

Want to weave, but don't know where to begin. This free class will orient you towards the types of loom available to weavers and make the case for why the rigid-heddle loom is a great place to begin.


Weaving 101: The Basics

The rigid-heddle loom is the perfect balance of simplicity and functionality. In this course, you will learn what makes a rigid-heddle loom tick, how to select yarns, read a weaving pattern, set up the loom, weave with confidence, and finish strong.


Weaving 201: Colorwork

Learn the know-how it takes to manage color, including fundamental principles of woven design, warping color sequences of all shapes and sizes, and weaving tips galore. When a weaving pattern assumes you know things, these are those things.


Starter Package

begin with the basics and then keep on going


Summer 2018 Weave-Along: Rag Rugs

Weavers have been upcycling for centuries. In this late-summer weave-along we will be tackling weaving with rags. For the first time you will have the choice of one of two projects—a beginner-friendly rag rag rug or the more advanced krokbragd rug.