Weaving 101:The Basics

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The rigid-heddle loom is the perfect balance of simplicity and functionality. In this course, you will learn what makes a rigid-heddle loom tick, how to select yarns, read a weaving pattern, set up the loom, weave with confidence, and finish strong. Included are plenty of troubleshooting tips and sound advice from road-tested weaving instructor, Liz Gipson. If you have been yearning to weave, but were not sure where to begin, start here!

Skill Level

Rank Beginner

Tools and Supplies

Rigid-heddle loom with at least a 9" weaving width; 8-dent rigid heddle; 2 shuttles, large-eyed tapestry needle, small pair of sharp scissors, kraft or similar paper cut into pieces about 9" x  24"

Yarn: 107 yd of DK-weight yarn, measuring approximately 14 wraps-per-inch or 1,252 yd/lb and 80 yd of worsted-weight yarn, measuring approxamately 12 wraps-per-inch or 800 yd/lb. A kit is available at www,yarnworker.com/shop/weaving-101-cowl-kit

This is the first of five classes that will be rolled out over the next year to take you from newbie to know-how. 

Liz Gipson
Liz Gipson

About the instructor

Yarn is a big part of who I am—growing it, spinning it, and then making it do tricks, particularly the over/under kind (i.e. weaving). Passing this love on to newcomers is what makes my heart happy. I spend my days weaving, writing about weaving, teaching others to weave, and enjoying this thing called life.

I host Yarnworker, a site for rigid-heddle know-how and inspirations. I dream-up, films, edit, and hosts the courses myself from my home in central, New Mexico. To learn more about me and the Yarnworker community, visit yarnworker.com


What's included?

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